The UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) Marking allows the UK to maintain and regulate control over products entering the UK, therefore allowing products to possess a high safety standard. Prior to Brexit, the UK used the European CE Mark, which is still in use by EU Member States. 

Here are the facts that the UK Government has confirmed as of 24th August 2021:

  1. All businesses due to begin using the UKCA marking by the end of 2021 will have an extra year to begin using the UKCA marking.
  2. This extension means that any goods which previously required the CE marking will not be required to use the UKCA marking until 1 January 2023. 
  3. The exception to this is medical devices, which will not be required to use the UKCA marking until 1 July 2023.
  4. The extension is being implemented following several appeals from industry associations including the Fire Industry Association and BSIA.
  5. Due to the continued impact of the pandemic, businesses will have more time to meet their legal obligations and will be provided with clarity and certainty surrounding these.

Previously, the government had rejected requests from industry associations, asserting that it was a “priority that the UK regains its regulatory autonomy,” however they have now agreed to the extension, recognising the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses. 

The extension of the deadline will be officialised with a statutory instrument under section 8 of the European Union Withdrawal Act later in 2021. Under terms of the protocol, Northern Ireland will continue to recognise the CE marking for goods placed on the market in Northern Ireland. Anyone placing products on the Northern Ireland market will be required to use the UKNI marking if they use a UK Conformity Assessment Body to test their products.

The government will continue to engage with manufacturers to ensure they understand what they need to do to ready themselves for the implementation of the UKCA marking, including through a new series of webinars. The government has also published the UK Market Conformity Assessment Bodies database, which businesses can use to identify the appropriate body to certify their products.