UKRP: Authorised Representative of the UK market 


Last week’s blogpost discussed what an Authorised Representative (AR) does and what they can do for a manufacturer who is based outside of the EU. Because this was rather specific to EU context, this blogpost will look at the concept of an AR within UK context. For the UK market, the term AR is not […]

All you need to know about EU Authorised Representation

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The responsibilities of manufacturers that are based within the EU are straightforward, but for manufacturers based outside of the EU who sell on the EU market, it can be difficult to know which economic operator within their supply chain is responsible for what. In such cases, an Authorised Representative (AR) will play a part in […]

5 Facts You Should Know About Fulfilment Service Providers

fulfilment service provider

In between design, manufacturing, distribution and ensuring compliance, companies can have a lot of things to manage with their products. Fulfilment service providers essentially provide relief for companies and take care of many tasks such as warehousing, ordering, data maintenance, shipping, and returns management. Fulfilment service providers are now considered economic operators in the European Union. Here are five facts you should know about them.

5 Important Considerations When Selecting an EU Authorised Representative


Are you a company based outside of the European Union who is looking for an Authorised Representative? Not sure where to start? When selecting an EU Authorised Representative, it is important that you base your decision on criteria that will allow for longevity and sustainability in the relationship. In this article, we have outlined several points to look out for when selecting your EU Authorised Representative.

Comprehensive Guide on European Authorised Representatives and the new Market Surveillance Regulation


Authorised Representatives are imperative for any non-EU businesses wishing to place their products on the EU marketplace. With the new Market Surveillance Regulation 2019/1020 in force from 16th July 2021, it is now more important than ever for non-EU businesses to appoint an Authorised Representative to ensure that their products are following the correct procedure to enter the European Union.

Updates to the Market Surveillance Regulation – What it Means For E-Commerce Operators

E-commerce Market Surveillance Regulation

2020 saw the e-commerce industry produce a record number of sales and increase its retail market share from 16% to 19%, indicating that e-commerce as the preferred way of consuming is on the rise. With this rise comes the importance of ensuring that trade and product manufacturing stays compliant the same way that physical product consumption does.