An Overview of Electronic Product Regulations in the United States


Placing products on the United States marketplace can be rather complicated when it comes to safety and compliance. In relation to electronic products, some aspects are covered by regulations and mandatory standards, while other aspects – including electrical safety – are covered by what is known as ‘voluntary’ safety standards. If you are a company wishing to sell products in the United States, this overview may be useful to refer to.

Most Common Electronic Product Certification and Compliance Requirements in the EU & USA

common electronic product certification

If you are an electronic product manufacturer who sells its product globally, it can be complicated to keep up to date with various legislations and regulations. It is, however, imperative that you do – as there are many repercussions that can occur if something is overlooked in the manufacturing stage. Here we have outlined the most product certification and compliance requirements that apply to electronics in the European Union and United States.