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Certification Experts

About us

Certification Experts B.V. is located in the Netherlands and China. The head office is in the Netherlands and its subsidiary is in Shenyang, the People’s Republic of China.

Certification Experts specializes in:

  • Product certification;
  • European product legislation;
  • International product safety regulations;
  • Technical and legal issues pertaining to product safety.

We offer expertise in the field of certification for designers, manufacturers, exporters, importers and distributors of products and machinery. We ensure your products comply with all legal requirements in respect of product safety. We supervise compliance with European product legislation in respect of CE-marking, international regulations and other government matters pertaining to product safety.

Our expertise is founded on a combination of technical and legal knowledge. We apply this combined expertise to product safety, product design, quality assurance, technical documentation and use of test facilities. Our services include advice on product liability and the legal consequences of product regulations.

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