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CE-Marking Process

The standards for certification are compiled at national, European and international level. There are more than 100,000 standards that are regularly revised. Manufacturers, importers, and distributors often wonder what standards apply to their product. Our technical and legal experts determine the correct standards for your product and ensure proper application for product certification.

First, Certification Experts assesses whether a company is obligated to certify its product. Next, we conduct product testing to determine whether the product meets the requirements and is therefore safe. We also check the available product documentation and compare this to the requirements to identify potential shortcomings. In this way, we carry out the entire certification process for a company from start to finish.

Products that are not certified in accordance with the proper standard are not only a hazard for the end user, but also for your company. To avoid operational damage and claims, we ensure that your product is in accordance with the legal requirements.

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Additional CE-Marking Services

Along with taking over the to-do list for you during the certification, Certification Experts can assist a company with technical and legal services during every phase of the life cycle of a product:

  • Carrying out a full product certification;
  • Check of product documentation;
  • Testing of products and conducting product inspections;
  • Carrying out on-site inspections;
  • Preparing a Technical Construction Dossier;
  • Evaluation and verification of quality management systems;
  • Drawing up Declarations of Conformity;
  • Service as European Representative;
  • Offering practical training of CE experts;
  • Providing company training in certification;
  • Compiling users’ instructions.

Contact our experts to request a quotation for these services or if you have questions relating to product certification.

You can also contact us for the implementation of a portion of this process. Contact our help desk to submit your product or read more information about our services.

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