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It all begins with the question of whether a product is correctly certified. If this is not the case, there are numerous European directives and thousands of standards that can apply to a product. Additionally,  directives and standards are regularly changed by legislators.

Certification Experts answers all questions about product certification and resolves disputes with regard to the safety status of a product. We offer transparency: we clearly indicate whether a product falls under a directive and whether a product meets the specified requirements. With us, there is no gray area, and that gives you certainty.

We are regularly confronted with products that do not satisfy the specified requirements. This is in conflict with the applicable European legislation. An incorrect CE logo on a product or a CE certificate for a product represents a serious risk for the user and the manufacturer. To avoid this problem and others, Certification Experts offers legal services.

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In addition to the certification, we can also verify the accuracy of the manufacturer’s documentation. This must also comply with certain requirements to be able to sell a product in the various members states of Europe and the rest of Europe. For example, if a product is already certified based on a certification other than the CE-marking, the available documentation can deviate from European rules.

In a number of cases, one could also run into problems with customers and government authorities. When importing your product, for example, Customs requires supplemental information or the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority [NVWA] asks questions regarding the safety status of a product or product documentation. We can also offer companies expert support during mutual disputes until a solution is found.

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