CE Certification for Measuring Instruments

How to obtain a CE Mark for your Measuring Instrument

When you are finished with designing, developing, manufacturing your measuring instrument and you want to enter the market, don’t forget to obtain the CE-mark. When trading Measuring Instruments on the European market, its mandatory to obtain the CE-mark for every company or entity. With the CE-mark you will declare that the product is in accordance with all legal requirements that are set out in Directive 2014/32/EU. The production process and the quality management system must comply with the requirements, the documentation that accompanies the item must be verified, and the manual must be available to consumers. When your equipment is in accordance with this set of requirements, the CE-mark can be affixed and the product can be legally introduced to the European market. Keep in mind, putting a product on the market, makes you responsible for its safety in use.

Our solution for legal market access

As responsible entity you have to ensure the measuring instrument and its documentation are clear-cut and waterproof. Where do you start? Every case is different and has its own unique characteristics. Therefore, we offer a swift and tailored certification of your product. With this certification process Certification Experts guarantees your product and documentation meet all mandatory provisions. All we need is specific information of the product and we will arrange the rest.

When you are finished with designing, developing, manufacturing your measuring instrument and you want to enter the market, don’t forget to obtain the CE-mark.
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Product Certification Approval CE Mark
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Product Applicabilty

The requirements for measuring instruments could apply to the following products:

Water meters, gas meters and volume conversion devices, active electrical energy (watt-hour) meters, heat meters, measuring systems for the continuous and dynamic measurement of quantities of liquids other than water, automatic weighing instruments, taxi meters, material measures, dimensional measuring instruments and exhaust emission analyzers. Request a no-obligation consultation with one of our experts at our office.

Our services

  • CE Mark process
  • Assembly of Technical File
  • User manuals and Labelling
  • ISO QMS compliance
  • EC Declaration of Conformity
  • Training
  • Affiliated Notified Body services
  • Co-engineering

Obtaining a EC declaration of conformity

  • Step 1

    Identify EU requirements for your product

  • Step 2

    Assess level of conformity and testing

  • Step 3

    Assistance and review of the technical documentation

  • step 4

    CE Mark can be affixed and declaration of conformity is issued

  • Step 5

    Product is certified and can be traded in the EU

The benefits

Accelerate market access

We'll do the job on-site around the globe

Short and flexible lead time

Consult our measuring instrument experts

Assurance of compliance

Avoid liability risks and legal issues

Knowledge sharing

Gain experience and insight by training

Price and timeframe

Price ranges could vary based on the circumstances beforehand and therefore are given on request. The lead time is approximately two till four weeks depending on the given conditions. The timeframe and price are closely intertwined with the following factors:

  • The applicable legal framework
  • The availability of the technical documentation
  • The degree of compliance

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