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What is CE-marking

A vast majority of the products sold in Europe must meet product safety requirements. To demonstrate that a product is safe for the user, CE-marking is required. CE-marking indicates that the product has been tested and deemed safe to be placed on the European market.

Obtaining a CE-marking is a specialty of Certification Experts. With the knowledge acquired over more than 25 years, we can manage the certification of any product type for you.

We consciously choose to dedicate a team of certification engineers for every type of certification. Both technical insight and legal knowledge are essential for a proper marking and, of course, resulting in a safe product.

Our certification engineers cover both technical and legal aspects to examine what standards apply to your product. The technical examinations are carried out by our technical experts on location for large machines or installations. Smaller products can be sent to us. We will ensure that your certification always meets the latest version of the CE directives and standards.

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CE-Marking Focus areas

The CE directives and standards are regularly modified and updated. Keeping track of the changes is a daily task that we are happy to take over for you. For example, a machine must meet approximately 25 different standards and guidelines, including electricity, radiation, and pressure lines.

Not only are modifications made regularly, it is also important to use the right standards and directives for your product. In fact, it is prohibited to apply CE certification to a product if the correct standards and guidelines have not been used.

The process of certification therefore begins with answering the question of what directive and standards apply. In some cases, a product will not require a CE certificate. If a certificate is required, you will receive a proposal (including costs) for the certification of your product. We guarantee a successful certification so that you can actually place your product on the European market with CE-marking.

Certification process

The process of certification involves a number of steps:

  • Analysis of the applicable European guidelines and standards;
  • Research of product information;
  • Safety assessment and, if required, inspection on location;
  • Product testing;

  • Implementation of risk assessment;
  • Check of users and/or installation instructions;
  • Preparation of a technical file;
  • Drawing up the declaration of conformity.

You can also contact us for the implementation of a portion of this process. Contact our help desk to submit your product or read more information about our services.

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