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Certification Experts, is active for more than 40 years as an international orientated technical and legal certification organisation with expertise in testing and certifying of products. Our main aim is to serve our clients such as designers, manufacturers, exporters and importers in the certification process so that their products conform to the requirements needed in the countries where there product is marketed or put into use.

Our corporate identity covers three elements :

1. Global expertise

2. Quality support

3. Fair pricing

Global expertise

All requests from our international clients are evaluated individually. Our highly experienced technical certification engineers in close collaboration with our legal experts ensures that certification procedures are carried out which complies to the regulations in the countries concerned.

Our expertise is based on a combination of practical and theoretical knowledge in product safety, engineering, quality assurance, technical documentation and the use of all facilities of test laboratories. Our legal department covers all aspects of product certification and the legal consequences that arise from the legislation.

Certification Experts go beyond certifying and testing of products, we ensure that our clients can market their certified products in a safe manner in the countries concerned. We sharpen our clients’ competitive edge with reliable regulatory approval so there products can be in a legally safe manner put into use in the countries concerned.

Our world-wide services are tailored to the client’s needs and are on a flexible and cost-effective basis.

We assure that your products or installations meets the essential requirements concerning health, safety and environmental enforcements.


Quality support for all our clients

Certification Experts stands for quality. Our experts are highly experienced, trained and well developed in the field of product compliance. We maintain a high standard of quality throughout the complete certification process. Organisations world-wide can rely on our proven quality of technical certification and legal expertise. Further our experts have vast experience in the evaluation of quality assurance systems and has official long standing co-operation with international quality assurance organizations.


Our services are based on fair pricing

Our competitive prices are based on national or international certification requirements. Our prices are directly related to the product and the company concerned.Our experts follow the most efficient route to complete the required certification process. Our aim is to work closely with our clients to achieve a planned time frame for a successful certification. The combination of competitive prices, quality consciousness, international activities, and highly experienced technical and legal certification experts ensures successful certification end results.

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