Less trade barriers in China, India and Brazil

Less export barriers

The EU made good progress in 2013 in terms of removing trade-distortive barriers that hinder EU companies to access Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Russia, US and Mercosur markets. The European Commission presented the fourth edition of the Trade and Investment Barriers Report (TIBR) that described the progress made in 2013 relating to diminishing barriers. The EU will continue to address the obstacles and expand trade and investment opportunities for EU businesses.

Some examples in which places the European Union made progress in eliminating some of the most trade-distortive barriers include:

  • China: Last year the Chinese government introduced discrimination customs and taxation measures affecting the logistics and shipping industry. After a  constructive dialogue with Chinese Authorities, China issued a new circular correcting the discriminatory elements in the original taxation measures.


  • India: Manufactures of telecommunication products and electronic goods have benefited from the improvements in accessibility. For example it has postponed the mandatory testing and certification requirements for telecom network elements for security reasons.


  • Brazil: Progress  has been made on the list of 100 temporary exceptions to the Common External Tariff. The list, applied in September 2012, was terminated at the end of October 2013.

The aim of the European Commission to set up those reports is to assess progress towards eliminating trade and investment barriers faced by European companies and to raise awareness of the action taken by the European Commission to secure access to global markets for European firms.

More information can be find in the “Trade and Investment Barriers Report 2014”

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