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Exporting to China and Chinese market access

Exporting to China and Chinese market access

Exporting to China can be complicated due to several factors.
Typical topics you come across when dealing with China are:

  • Language, cross cultural and time differences
  • (product) regulations and administrative procedures
  • Customs requirements and documentation support
  • Finding a reliable commercial partner or supplier
  • Quality control
  • Business license and tax registration
  • Establish business relations

Certification Expert is your ideal partner every step of the way because we offer:

China based Experts

Our local English speaking Chinese experts are born and raised in China and are familiar with communicating with European companies. This is important because they understand the Chinese culture and the European culture.

Exporting to ChinaProduct export to China

we handle all aspects in exporting your products to China varying from administrative procedures, transportation, customs requirements and product certification according to CCC, CFDA, YY and GB


  • Document and administrative procedures
  • Transportation to and within China
  • Online presence
  • Customs requirements and documentation support
  • Certification according to CCC, CFDA, YY and GB
  • Legal agent in China
  • Finding you a reliable commercial partner
  • Business license and tax registration
  • Tax levy & administration
  • Translation services and expertise in cross cultural differences
  • Establishment of business relations


  • We’ll help every step of the way to achieve success
  • One point of contact-> full service
  • Customer focused and solution driven
  • Local presence through highly skilled experts
  • Practical approach
  • Short time to market

We work with:

  • Producers and traders in:
    – Machinery
    – Medical devices
    – Pharmaceuticals
    – Consumer products
    – Electrical devices
    – Construction products
  • Small and emerging companies
  • Mid-sized companies
  • Large and multinational companies

Access to China

Are you ready to successfully engage with China?

Why China? With the increasing economic development in China and the demand for high end products there is a great increase in imported goods and products. In order to be successful in exporting products to China you must be aware of certain aspects in dealing Chinese clients and businesses.

Export to China

Our “Access to China” services are dedicated to producers and traders of products who want to successfully export and engage with China. Certification Experts has her own office in China and have been dealing with Chinese companies and authorities since 1994.

Trust and relationships

The Chinese market is strongly focused on relationships and trust and we like to provide you with the expertise in working with China and get you started.

Online presence

China’s online market is the biggest in the world and expanding rapidly. This mainly due to the strong economic development and the use of (mobile) internet. Online presence is therefore key in order to succeed. The ‘Great Firewall’ and influence of the digital giants such as Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and Wechat create a totally different online environment. We can guide and support companies locally to organize the right online strategy and presence on the Chinese web.

Product certification for China

Does you product need to be certified with the CCC ( China Compulsory Certification) regulations or do they need to comply with GB standards ( Guobiao standards)? No issue we are there every to help every step of the way. As an official CCC agent we can take care of your certification/

It can be complicated to determine whether your products must comply to  GB standards (GuoBiao Standards) to be traded in China. We can determine this for you free of charge.

GB standards are recognized as the China National Standards, or Guobiao Standards. These GB standards are classified as the following:

Mandatory Standards are standards which are legally binding and can influence other technical regulations in China. These standards are enforced by legal and administrative regulations and are directly related to the protection of human health there personal property and all safety aspects.

GB/T standards are recommended standards for products which are not classified under the scope of the Mandatory Standards.

Is your company exporting medical devices to China? Then you medical devices must comply with the CFDA (China Food and Drug Administration) regulations. This is a mandatory procedure to which all medical devices sold or traded in the Peoples Republic of China must comply to. This process can be challenging and time consuming. Our experts lead the way and help you through the procedure.

Need help with the YY standard? The YY standard is the Chinese industry standard in the field of medicine & medical device. YY standard contains compulsory standards the so called (YY) and recommended standards the so called (YY/T) standard. More than 1,300 YY standards are issued by China Food and Drug Administration. If you have any questions in this regard our experts are happy to help.

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