International Certification

Discover new markets, expanding opportunities

To keep your business thriving, discovering new market are beneficial in the continuous process to develop. During the years our organisation noticed a growing demand of accessing multiple market at once. Our services extend to the classification of the legal regulations and requirements of every global market where your product can be sold.

Our experts prepare the technical documentation, assist or carry out communication with custom authorities, test the product if needed around the globe and eventually lay the groundwork for market entry.

Want to access the global market or target a specific market, contact us today and set the process into motion.

Access more markets

Choose your destination

Choose the region you want to access and target your specific audience, from CBUL, CSA, CCC to EAC and many more. Based on your specific needs we will find a tailored solution for market access worldwide for all products.

Save time and effort

Use our expertise

Figuring out the legal requirements and technical safety standards is a complex activity. With over 25 years’ experience Certification Experts has the expertise to overcome global certification obstacles.

Assure compliance

Eliminate liability risks

From technical documentation reviews to engineering, we assure full compliance. While our experts will ensure you obtain lawful market access and the product is safely engineered, you can focus on other key priorities.

Grow your business

Enable your potential

Enable your potential and grow by accessing new markets. Certification Experts will take care of the legal and technical complexities. Our experienced experts will arrange the market access for you.