How can I verify whether the Declaration of Conformity is real?

Compliance Expert Soufyan Lamdini explains

How can I verify whether the Declaration of Conformity is real?

It is the responsibility of the manufacturer or Authorised Representative (AR) to ensure that the information provided in a Declaration of Conformity is relevant and up to date. The contact information of the manufacturer/AR is indicated on the DoC. You can use this information to take up contact with the responsible party directly to ensure that the product meets all relevant European health and safety standards.

In many cases, products must meet multiple EU harmonised standards. This is especially the case for products which consist of many parts (such as machinery) and for medical devices. If you need help identifying whether a Declaration of Conformity is valid you can contact us. We can help you verify that the DoC meets and mentions all relevant standards and necessary testing procedures to ensure that it meets the legal requirements of the applicable Directive(s).

Read more about the Declaration of Conformity here. Are you importing, distributing, or manufacturing products intended for use in the EU? Contact us for technical documentation reviews, CE marking support, Authorised Representative services and more.

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