What is an EC Declaration of Conformity?

The European product Directives are mandatory for products that fall under the essential requirements out of the Directives in force. Once the essential requirements out of the European Product Directives the CE-marking which is known as the CE mark can be affixed to a product. The CE-marking must be affixed in a manner that it is easily legible and cannot be removed from the product concerned. Once the CE mark is affixed to a product it must be supported by an official Declaration of Conformity or DOC in which the manufacturer declares that the product concerned is in compliance with the essential requirements out of the European Directives in force.

Every product placed in the EEA (European Economical area) covered by the principles of the New Approach Directive must bear the CE-marking. However, a product may not be CE marked, if it is not covered by a directive providing for its affixing.
Where products are subject to several directives, which all provide for the affixing of the CE-marking, the marking indicates that the products are presumed to conform to the provisions of all these directives.

* a CE declaration of Conformity or DOC is officially known as EC Declaration of Conformity.