New Radio Equipment Directive – Protection of citizens and environment

New Radio Equipment Directive   –   Addresses the protection of citizens and environment 

New Radio & Telecommunications Directive

Businesses that manufacture, import or distribute products in the Radio & Telecommunications sector have to review the new Radio Equipment Directive when it replaces the R&TTE Directive. The European commission has adopted a proposal by the European parliament for the revision of the R&TTE Directive in 2012. Now they have come with a complete modified directive where environment and consumer protection is central.


The radio communications industry consist of all products using the radio frequency spectrum, such as car door openers and cellular telephones. The most important changes are stated below;

  • Requirement that radio receivers achieve a minimum level of performance;
  • Clear obligations for all economic operators such as manufactures, importers and distributors;
  • Improved instruments for market surveillance;
  • No unnecessary administrative obligations;
  • New: Ensure that the equipment can only be used after compliance has been demonstrated
  • New: Mobile phones and other portable devices are compatible with a common charger.

Manufacturers, importers and distributors will have to respect a set of clear obligations so as to ensure the compliance of radio equipment placed in the EU market. The experts of Certification Experts B.V. can legally assist you with advice concerning the relevant legal and regulatory system and your position as an entrepreneur. Our experts can advise you on specific laws and regulations, international standards and the procedure that have to be followed to ensure compliance with applicable legislation.

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