New reference numbers for eight CE-marking directives


European commissiomFrom 20 April 2016 onward all EU member states have to apply the new directives reference numbers in to their national law. The aim of the European Commission to implement these changes is to make product legislation more effective and avoid overlapping requirements for products which are governed by more than one piece of legislation.. The legislation initiatives are part of a modern transformation of the European product legislation to simplify rules and reduce administrative burdens.

According to the Commission these new changes will decrease compliance costs and create a healthier playing field for small and middle sized businesses. The rules show clearer responsibilities for manufactures, importers and distributors and provide the end consumer of more safety related guarantees (traceability system).

The following CE-marking directives have been published by the Europese Union on 29 March 2014:

  1. Directive    2014/30/EU
  1. Directive    2014/34/EU
  1. Directive    2014/33/EU
Lifts Directive
  1. Directive    2014/28/EU
Civil Explosives
  1. Directive    2014/35/EU
Low Voltage Directive
  1. Directive    2014/32/EU
Measuring Instruments Directive
  1. Directive    2014/29/EU
Simple Pressure Vessels Directive
  1. Directive    2014/31/EU
Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments Directive

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