New standards IEC 61439 will come into force in November 2014

The old standard IEC 60439 shall be replaced after a transitional period of almost five years. As of November 2014 safe and reliable control cabinets for electronic systems have to be built according to the global standard IEC 61439 parts 1 and 2.

The new change will affect a large number of players, such as electronic inspectors, installers, as well as switchgear and controlgear companies have to apply this new global standard.

Switchboards/pannels often have high risks associated with overloading. That’s why the new standard parts are more focused on the ‘specification and verification “of the switching and distribution system. The increasing use of thermography (using infrared cameras to capture the temperature of components in switchboards and control cabinets) in ET inspections is another reason for adjusting the standard.

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