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Complete CE certification

CE Marking for your device

In addition to the aforementioned products, there are many other products that also require CE certification in the EU, for example:

  • Low voltage products;
  • Pressure equipment;
  • Radio equipment;
  • Weighing instruments;
  • Elevators;

  • Cableway installations;
  • Personal protective equipment;
  • Noise emission outdoor equipment;
  • Gas appliances;
  • Explosives for civil use.

Different directives and certification processes apply for each product. The first step in product certification is to determine which directives and standards apply. Below, we briefly describe which products fall under the regulations for low voltage products, elevators and radio equipment.


By affixing a CE-marking, the manufacturer, European authorized representative, or importer confirms that the product complies with the safety requirements specified in the relevant directive and standards. ‬‬

Products that bear the CE-marking have unrestricted access to the entire European market. Products without the CE-marking may not be traded or used within the EU.‬‬

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