Proposal to simplify Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and cableway installations Directive

The European Commission proposeEuropean commissiomd to change the PPE and cableway installations into direct applicable Regulations. These changes will make it easier for companies to conduct business and put their industrial products into the EU market. The two proposed Regulations cover a wide range of products for both consumers and professionals. The commission’s objective is to simplify legislation and to replace the current Directives by direct Regulations.

The PPE Directive applies to PPE that is defined as any device or appliance designed to be worn or held by an individual for protection against one or more health and safety hazards. Examples of personal protective equipment (PPE) are safety helmets, safety shoes, sunglasses and high-visibility vests.

Cableway installations are for example mainly lift systems cable cars chairlifts and drag lifts. The proposal to change this particular Directive will improve the internal market functioning of the European Union for components and subsystems of cableway installations.

The Regulations eliminates  overlapping requirements for products governed by more than one piece of legislation. New EU Regulations are direct applicable in all EU countries, there is therefore no need for governments to incorporate EU Directives into national law.

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