Safer products and better market surveillance in Europe

safe product

The EU and the EEA accounts for more than 490 million consumers. The rules for product safety and surveillance are currently scattered between different pieces of legislation and creating gaps and overlaps. The European Commission wants to strengthen consumer protection and create a level playing field in Europe for businesses. The proposal of the European Parliament is voted in favour by the Commission to improve the safety of consumer products and to strengthen market surveillance concerning al non-food products. The Commission wants to diminish unfair competition from products that do not comply to European Safety rules.

The new legislation ensures that a product’s country of origin is stated on the product and because of improved identification and traceability the product can be quickly removed from circulation within the EU.

Some of the main changes approved by the European Parliaments concerning product safety and market surveillance are:

  • More coherent rules across all product sectors for all responsible parties (manufactures, importers, distributors).
  • More effective tools to national surveillance bodies to enforce safety and take action against dangerous and non-compliant products. This will enable more consumer confidence in the internal market.
  • Improved traceability of consumer products enabling effective responses to safety problems. Products should bear an indication of the products country of origin.
  • Better coordination of product safety checks in order to eliminate unfair competition from dishonest operators.
  • A more cooperative and streamlined procedure for the notification of dangerous products. RAPEX system.

The proposal will be submitted to the Council for final approval. Once adopted the new legislation will com into effect in 2015.

Certification Experts specializes in the certification of products in accordance with European Product legislation. We perform services for producers and importers who want to sell and trade their products on the European market. Certification Experts assists them to ensure that their products meet the applying European safety so that they can be sure that their product is safe and reliable to be sold on the European market.

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