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Performing the most efficient risk assessment for machinery and projects

Are you in the process of engineering or developing machinery? Then, it is likely that the risk assessment is part of the CE-marking. Safexpert program offers an efficient risk assessment according to ISO 12100 and the new Machinery Directive.

Safexpert is the tool for CE marking of machines, projects and LVD products. The tool includes the following features:

  • Carry out risk assessments for machines and projects based on ISO 12100
  • Assembly of the technical file
  • Templates for the Declaration of Conformity
  • Generate user instructions with the instructions assistant
  • Standards available in standards manager

Why Safexpert?

We consider it our duty to make our knowledge available to our clients and inform the market about new technological developments. We are open to transparent cooperation and information exchange with partners, customers and institutions. Safexpert is systematic, hands-on, and efficient. It realizes project control and the possibility to easily stay up to date to the newest standards by integrated modern IT systems.

What is Safexpert?

The international standard ISO12100 sets high standards for safety, related to machine and plant applications. For this reason, the ISO12100 shapes the foundation of the CE marking process within European economic boundaries. Based on this standard, the certified software module Safexpert has been developed. Safexpert makes it easy to perform a risk assessment and to display it in a clear format. Safexpert has been developing and improving since 1995. Consequently, this smart software module accelerates the safety and documentation processes.

Benefits of Service

  • Uniform systematic and standard compliant risk assessments and reports
  • In case of changing standards, the software adapts within the context of your service contract
  • Risk assessments are always in standardized format
  • Automatic conversion of existing risk assessments
  • TUV certified.

Our offer

We offer a standard compliant software module that makes it possible to carry out your Risk Assessments simply and effectively. Choose from our seminar and training offer the courses that meet your business requirements. We are happy to help choosing the right modules.