UKRP: Authorised Representative of the UK market 


Last week’s blogpost discussed what an Authorised Representative (AR) does and what they can do for a manufacturer who is based outside of the EU. Because this was rather specific to EU context, this blogpost will look at the concept of an AR within UK context. For the UK market, the term AR is not […]

Brexit and Trading: Your Guide to CE, UKCA and UKNI Product Markings After the Brexit Transition Period

Brexit and trading: Your guide to CE

The Brexit journey has been a long one, it sometimes seems like it will go on forever. We understand that it is tough to keep up with all of the information when it comes to trading your products and the rules that will affect the movement of goods between the European Union and the United Kingdom. That’s why we try to make things simple. The fact is, the changes in trading regulations are not incredibly drastic; as long as a few slight changes are taken into account, and the correct conformity assessments have been carried out, the transition from one procedure to another can occur quite seamlessly.