Your Guide to European Compliance & Safety Standards for E-Bikes: “The Vehicles of the Future”


E-Bikes, otherwise known as Electrically Pedal Assisted Cycles (EPAC), have been said to be the ‘solution to traffic,’ as the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs predicts that 68% of the world population will live in urban areas by 2050. Traffic congestion has increased drastically over the past decade, but E-Bikes not only allow more space on the roads but may increase physical and mental health, as well as instilling more of a sense of community when commuting. E-Bikes may very well be ‘the vehicles of the future’ for commuting in urban areas and beyond. Are you a business that is considering importing or manufacturing E-Bikes? There are several regulations and directives to consider. Below we outline the main considerations and regulatory requirements for the European Union.