Ferry van Bergen Henegouw

Ferry van Bergen Henegouw, Business Unit Manager for Product Compliance, brings extensive industry experience ranging from engineering to production and maintenance. Specializing in finding achievable routes to conformity for products spanning machinery to electronics, Ferry has been a valuable member of Certification Experts since 2016.

Before joining Certification Experts, Ferry earned a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Management and Engineering, followed by a master’s in International Management. He has held several leadership positions before his start at Certification Experts. Following this, he gained expertise through various courses in CE marking and Machine Safety, alongside involvement in numerous projects.

With 8 years of consultancy experience in CE marking, Ferry combines his knowledge, thoroughness, and clarity to navigate the complex landscape of compliance. He strives to strike the right balance between compliance and feasibility, always remaining pragmatic in his approach.

Outside of work, Ferry enjoys hobbies such as mountain biking, motorcycles and cars, as well as spending quality time with his family and friends.

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  • Beng: Industrial Management and Engineering
  • Msc: International Management
  • CE marking
  • Machine Safety