The CB-Scheme for worldwide market access

Product Certification Approval

The CB-Scheme is an international system for mutual recognition of test reports and certificates for the safety of electric and electronic components, equipment and products. The system is a multilateral agreement between participating countries and certification entities. The CB-scheme is initiated by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The CB-Scheme allows companies to gain market access for over more than fifty countries around the globe with only one test procedure, report and certificate.

The goal of the CB -Scheme

Is to create worldwide consensus about the determination of electrical safety. The testing within the CB-Scheme is based on the international recognized IEC standards. This global consensus empowers international trade and therefore allows new industries to develop and grow. Due to contemporary globalization it is of growing importance for manufacturers to obtain worldwide market access.

Over the last years a certain shift in demand has been determined. This shift entails a growing demand for certification not just for a specific market but for the global market. With the reduction of trade barriers and a global acceptance of harmonized safety standards, the CB-Scheme cuts to the chase.

Benefits of the CB-Scheme

  • Global market access to the most important markets
  • A single test report and audit
  • Cost and time efficient

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