The journey to safety excellence in the maritime sector

Maritime & offshore case study

The journey to safety excellence in the maritime sector

In this case study we emphasize our approach to maritime and offshore matters, by highlighting a case we recently encountered. By giving insight in our day-to-day practices, we want to share how we overcome problems and subsequently adopt solutions.


Offshore activities on open seawaters are mesmerizing and dangerous at the same time. Dealing with extreme weather conditions, while working around the clock are factors which invite multiple challenges. Not to mention overcoming unexpected problems as daily routine. Comprehensive machinery like offshore carousels are systems that need a careful and detailed approach. An operational carousel surrounded by cables on the floor, while personnel is running from pillar to post lends itself for countless risks.

These elements, in conjunction with the assembly of different types of equipment to function as an integrated system, further specify client needs. During the case, our experts ran into equipment existing of newly built and used machinery and therefore had to undergo refurbishment in order to keep up with the latest legislation.

As manufacturer or employer, you have to guarantee the safety of all operators and personnel. In addition, the system must be in compliance with all directives and regulations. Where do you start?


Overcoming these complex operations while pursuing the highest safety level are activities entrusted to Certification Experts. Based on independent and impartial advice we consult our clients by highlighting key subjects. For offshore systems our assessment consists of a review of the construction, transportation and installation, a detailed risk analysis and Technical File evaluation.

While our experts inspect the system on location, our team situated in our headquarters evaluate all technical documentation. Every offshore situation has its own characteristics. Therefore, we underscore the importance of a tailored advice for each case.


Our experts perform a comprehensive check during the engineering. After our onsite inspection and internal assessment, our team indicates the most efficient route to compliance. Hereby, we eliminate and minimize all potential risks based on our custom made analyses and assure the Technical File is in compliance.

During the case our experts came across different safety problems. An example was that the acoustic warning signal was not audible for personnel in the area of the carousel. The acoustic warning signal is triggered when the carousel is started and operational. It is mandatory to have a sufficient system that warns personnel when heavy machinery is up and running. Though measurements showed the acoustic signal reached the required decibel (dB) level, it was not reaching a decent range.

Therefore, our experts provided a solution existing of an acoustic system that was situated on multiple locations around the carousel, eliminating an inaudible acoustic warning system and therefore reducing the likelihood of incidents.


After the construction of the system is completed, our experts perform the final audit to verify the level of safety of all equipment involved. Our thorough approach has proven to be highly effective and helps to establish compliance towards European legislation, Marine Warranty Surveyors (MWS) and the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA).


Benefits of choosing Certification Experts:

  • Independent perspective and impartial advice
  • Managing risks and minimizing the probability of incidents
  • Minimizing the probability of incidents by adoption of risk management
  • Improved safety standard exceeding legal provisions

In this sector small mistakes have huge consequences. Are you running into maritime and offshore issues or struggling with getting answers?

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