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UL & CSA Field Evaluation

UL & CSA Field Evaluation

Our experts can provide a custom made plan of action for a quick and cost effect procedure for UL certification.

As an entrepreneur and producer of (electric) installations or products the entire globe is your market place. When you are in the situation of increasing demand for your product from North America and Canada you have to comply with specific legislation. Often this will cause a lot of questions and uncertainties, let us help you to fulfil demand with a short time to market.

Are you looking to arrange UL and/or CSA-certification for your one-off product or installation then we can provide you with an excellent and unique plan of action. Even if you are producing batches in limited quantities (up to 500), field evaluation is a suitable solution.

We can provide you with expert advice in every stage of your product development process:

  • Helpdesk and Expert advice
  • Engineering guidelines
  • Pre-compliance
  • Technical Inspection Service

You can benefit from our unique set of services. This starts with contacting us so we can analyze the situation together and offer you a tailored solution.

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CE CSA/UL certification process

Advantages of the UL CSA Field Evaluation

  • No UL or CSA listing necessary
  • Short lead time
  • Testing on (client) location

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