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What should be put on the packaging when the product is certified?

For specific products, additional demands are made upon the packaging in the applying Directive(s) and/or (harmonised) standards. The general demands made upon packaging are the following:

  • Manufacturer’s name and address;
  • Name and address of European authorised representative;
  • Product name;
  • CE Marking;
  • The country where the product is produced;
  • User instructions (or mentioning that these are present in the packaging); 
  • Safety instructions (or mentioning that these are present in the packaging);
  • Warning logo that the product is not suited for children younger than 3 years old (toys); 
  • Age indication;
  • The language on the packaging should be the language of the country where the product will  be used; 
  • Mentioning whether the package is recyclable (if yes, a special logo should be affixed); 
  • Part number;
  • Total weight of the product.
March 12, 2014