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Your own in-company CE Expert

Your own in-company CE Expert

‘For all product and process compliance procedures’

From machine producer to product supplier, safety is of great importance in all professions. As an organization, it is a challenge to obtain all knowledge and to keep up with all developments and changes that occur.


Client-tailored service, fixed price

Certification Experts has developed a custom-made service that addresses all concerns regarding certification. We can assist you in-company with all conformity assessment procedures.

By utilizing our in-company expert you profit from:

  • Expert knowledge of your products and organization and practical in-depth legislative know-how
  • Minimalization of the risks
  • Saving on time and costs by using an expert who is up to date on your requirements
  • Project flexibility: Certification tailor made for each project situation
  • In company experts with proven track record who are responsible, reliable and flexible

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Every branch has its own characteristics

We are more than happy to explain how we can assist you for your specific certification procedures.


As a producer, there are many aspects that play a role such as the Machine Directive, the Low Voltage Directive, the EMC Directive, the ATEX 114 Directive and the Pressure Directive. Are you a producer? Together we would like to evaluate if your organization and its products currently meet the requirements (compliance scan), and provide you with expert advice on how your product or production process can meet the requirements.

Importer and retailer

As importer and retailer, you are confronted with far reaching changes in product legislation and world trade. Private label, local demands, inspections regarding your trading goods and custom controls are subjects that you are confronted with on a regular basis. We are your partner in product compliance and play a supporting or practical executive roll in the guidance and compliance based on applicable requirements.


As an employer, your personnel are the key to success. In their working activities, you are responsible for a safe condition of all installations and machinery. Your organization needs to comply with local laws and regulations to maintain a safe working environment. Our experts analyze your working environment and conditions and determine your level of compliance. Thereafter we will provide you with our expertise and guide the process in order to meet the requirements.

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How does it work?

We link a fixed expert from Certification Experts to your organization who is informed on all the ins- and outs regarding legislation and compliance that are applicable to your situation. This expert assists you on all levels from investigation, evaluation to execution.

In a first meeting, we discuss the situation and collectively determine your requirements. Based on these requirements we make a proposition and we decide which activities will reoccur with frequency. This could be a yearly compliance scan, signaling of changes in the directives, compliance expertise and the ability to consult the support desk. Once an agreement has been reached we will link an expert to your organization who will become familiar with all aspects required for an in-company product certification. Thru this process you are ensured of a reliable and efficient execution.

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