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Ruben Kieftenbelt CTO
Our experience with Certification Experts was pleasant and valuable. The test results during the certification project were comprehensive and detailed and they swiftly offered solutions when there were obstacles.


Paul East CTO
Certification Experts has been helpful, knowledgeable and prompt – even during difficult circumstances surrounding the pandemic. We look forward to working with Certification Experts on future projects.


Joachim Hofmann GM Service & Support
Collaboration with the Certification team has been very helpful, professional, fast and flexible. It is always good to have a partner at hand who can help with profound expertise whenever required. We look forward to collaborating for our future endeavors!

New Compliance

Carolina Koster Operations Manager
Your expert conducted an internal audit for ISO 13485 at our company. The pre-audit communication was clear and brought valuable expertise. Despite some challenges, your expert was understanding and fostered a relaxed atmosphere. The audit was thorough and effectively pinpointed our areas for improvement. We are grateful and will be working on the feedback.


Wai-Man Tang Quality Assurance Manager
We have a wonderful experience working with Certification Experts. We are a scale-up company that specialises in doing product developments under a very tight timeline, and the team expertly adjusts to our needs and guides us step by step!

Aria Technologies

Omar Ahmed Senior QA/QC Engineer
Certification Experts facilitated us to obtain the CE mark for our Cartesian Robot, enabling us to access the European market. Their clear communication and personalized approach made our collaboration a pleasant experience.

Dot Robot

Edward Belderbos Technical Director
It was a pleasure to work with Certification Experts. After reviewing our documentation, they gave us structured feedback and showed us how to proceed in order to be in compliance with European directives.


Markus Solbach Director Sales & Marketing
Certification Experts offers great service with high flexibility and a fast response time. Their technical understanding and detailed feedback to our complex test solution in a short timeframe is impressive!

Government of Canada

Melanie Ter Meulen Trade Comissioner
Certification Experts is a valuable partner to us. The collaboration runs smooth and if Dutch companies require specific technical information, Certification Experts is able to provide this.

Van Heek Medical

Wilma Peereboom Quality Coordinator
The cooperation with Certification Experts is satisfactory. They are decisive from the start and one of their main strengths is their excellent problem-solving skills.

Alfa Wassermann

Kurt Spiegel Vice President of Engineering
Certification Experts has been our partner for over 10 years and the relationship is outstanding. They’ve completed CE Marking, UKCA Marking, and act as our Authorized Representative. The face-to-face meetings are really important and save us a lot of time!


Marc Schaerlaeckens Managing Director
Certification Experts made sure to consider every possible phase of CE marking processes, ranging from how to make the right design choices to composing a technical file.

Fette Compacting Belgium BV

Kris Schoeters Technical Sales Support & Project Management
The team at Certification Experts ensured a new way forward for the Fette Compacting team, wherein they ensured a higher level of safety for our operators.


Lars van ‘t Kruijs Managing Director
The team at Certification Experts provide excellent cooperation! They provide detailed explanations and think-along solutions.

Peter Drent CEO
Personally, I am very satisfied with the service and quality of the work of Certification Experts. I certainly intend to work with them for future projects!
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What we do:

CE Marking

The CE mark indicates that your product is in compliance with the European product legislation. It is mandatory for all manufacturers whose products fall within the applicable CE Directives and Regulations to get CE marking before they can access the European market. If a company wants to market the product under its own name, the company will be seen as the legal manufacturer and bear the same responsibility as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and must apply the CE marking itself.
Obtaining CE marking can be a lengthy and complicated process. Herein, time and knowledge of regulations must be taken into account during the process. As well as the applicable testing facilities and risk assessment that are required to complete this CE certification.
Our CE mark experts will guide you through all processes and perform testing in order for your products to be able to obtain CE marking. As your full-service compliance partner, we will ease this lengthy and complicated process of obtaining the CE mark.

  • CE Marking for Machinery
  • CE Marking for Electronics
  • CE Marking for Medical Device
  • ATEX 114
  • General Product Safety products

Compliance for different Markets

To be able to enter a market, your products must be in compliance with the national safety product legislation of your preferred market. This can be done through measures which are used to assess and certify the compliance with said legislations.
Obtaining product and service compliance can be a complicated process. For this, it is important to consider which products require which certification. Herein, time and knowledge of regulations must be taken into account during the process to complete the compliance process.
Certification Experts will support you throughout the entire process, from defining your requirements to conducting product testing, ensuring your products achieve full compliance. As your compliance partner, we’ll streamline this complex and time-consuming procedure.

  • Europe (EU) – CE Marking
  • United Kingdom (UK) – UKCA Marking
  • United States of America (USA) – US and UL Compliance
  • Canada – Canadian and CSA Compliance
  • China – Chinese and CCC Compliance
  • Other markets – International Compliance and CB Scheme

Authorised Representation

An Authorised Representative (AR) can be of service for manufacturers based outside of the EU and the UK who want to sell their product on the EU and UK market. An Authorised Representative acts on behalf of the manufacturer and ensures that the products being sold on the market comply with the applicable product compliance legislations, meaning they provide you with Authorised Representative services. This concerns products that are sold either directly, via e-commerce (online), or through a fulfilment service provider.
Whether you want UK or EU Authorised Representative services, AR Experts has both the knowledge and the experience to fulfil this role for you.

  • EU Authorised Representative (EU AR)
  • EC Rep (EU AR for Medical Devices)
  • UK Authorised Representative (UK AR)
  • UK Responsible Person (UKRP for Medical Devices)

Quality Management Systems

Quality Management System (QMS) is implemented in order to help an organisation to continuously develop the quality of their products and services. Due to this, it is important to keep in mind that when building a quality system, it must conform to the requirements and guidelines set in a standard or regulation, especially if one plans to have a QMS audit.
Our team of experts can determine which QMS is necessary for your organisation in relation to your products and or services within your industry of choice and then guide you through this process.

  • ISO 13485
  • ISO 9001
  • QMS according to article 10 of the MDR


Explore the reliability of Safexpert, our extensively tested software designed for CE marking and Risk Assessment in alignment with the Machinery Directive and the Low Voltage Directive. With Safexpert, you gain access to tailored modules that facilitate seamless collaboration within your team, aiding in safety-centric project management and navigating the complexities of standards and EU directives.

  • ISO 12100 compliant
  • Get the CE Marking
  • Optimize your workflow
  • Connect your Team

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