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Certification Experts is your full-service compliance partner and guides you through the complete compliance process according to the required certifications of various markets, such as: Australia, China, Japan and Mexico. With over 25 years of experience, our team of experts will help you to obtain access to these markets.

International compliance

To be able to enter a market, your products must be in compliance with the national safety product legislation of your preferred market. This can be done through measures which are used to assess and certify the compliance with said legislations.

Challenges of obtaining International Compliance

Obtaining product and service compliance can be a complicated process. For this, it is important to consider which products require which certification. Herein, time and knowledge of regulations must be taken into account during the process to complete the compliance process.

Guidance from start to finish

Certification Experts will support you throughout the entire process, from defining your requirements to conducting product testing, ensuring your products achieve full compliance. As your compliance partner, we’ll streamline this complex and time-consuming procedure.

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As each market has their own set of regulations it is important to consider which products require which certification. Herein, time and knowledge of regulations must be taken into account during the process. Additionally, you must consider that there will be more standard deviations to take into account when you want to place a product onto various markets. Certification Experts can guide your company with the compliance process according to the required certifications of various markets, such as: Australia, Japan, Mexico and South Africa.

CB Scheme

The most common service Certification Experts over to ensure international compliance is CB Scheme. Certification under the CB Scheme means that your electrical and electronic equipment is certified for multiple international markets, and this process eliminates the need for duplicate product testing. The CB scheme is accepted within 53 countries. Keep in mind it’s crucial to consider and account for additional national deviations. Our experts will guide you through all CB processes and ensure testing in order for your products to be able to obtain International compliance. As your full-service compliance partner, we will ease this lengthy and complicated process.

International Product Compliance

International product compliance refers to the process of ensuring that a product meets the regulatory and safety requirements in multiple countries or regions. It involves adhering to various standards, certifications, and legal obligations specific to different markets where the product will be sold. This can include product testing, documentation, labeling, and certification to ensure that the product is safe, reliable, and legally acceptable in each target market. International product compliance is essential for businesses looking to expand their products globally, as failure to meet these requirements can result in legal issues, market restrictions, and reputational damage. The CB Scheme is exclusively for electrical and electronic equipment. In this regard, we offer a few instances of international product compliance procedures:

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What does Certification Experts offer?

Our company offers a range of international product compliance services to help businesses navigate global regulations. We ensure your products meet the required standards and certifications, making it easier to expand into global markets and gain customer trust. Our experienced team manages the compliance process, so you can focus on your products. We stay updated on regulations, making your global expansion easier and more reliable.

Certification Experts offers also compliance procedures for:


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Markus Solbach Director Sales & Marketing
Certification Experts offers great service with high flexibility and a fast response time. Their technical understanding and detailed feedback to our complex test solution in a short timeframe is impressive!

Alfa Wassermann

Kurt Spiegel Vice President of Engineering
Certification Experts has been our partner for over 10 years and the relationship is outstanding. They’ve completed CE Marking, UKCA Marking, and act as our Authorized Representative. The face-to-face meetings are really important and save us a lot of time!


Joachim Hofmann GM Service & Support
Collaboration with the Certification team has been very helpful, professional, fast and flexible. It is always good to have a partner at hand who can help with profound expertise whenever required. We look forward to collaborating for our future endeavors!

Full-service product compliance

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