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Why is an EU/EC declaration of conformity required?

The European Product Directives cover mandatory legal documentation for products under the essential...

How can I verify whether the EC declaration of
conformity is real?

It is the responsibility of the manufacturer or Authorised Representative (AR) to ensure that the information ...

What is the difference between USA compliance and CE?

A manufacturer in the EU can utilize European harmonized standards to comply with the relevant requirements...

CE marking self-certification: expectations vs. reality

Thinking about CE marking self-certification? Here’s what you should know. Before you can sell your product...

What Is A Declaration of Conformity?

The European Product Directives cover mandatory legal documentation for products under the essential...

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CE marking

Everything you need to know to get your product certified for the EU market.

14 Articles

Our Services

Here’s how we help you ensure product safety quickly and efficiently.

9 Articles

Authorised Representative

Learn more about respons­ibilities for non-EU businesses to sell products in Europe.

5 Articles

Declaration of Conformity

A complete guide to help you write, verify, and issue a DoC.

10 Articles


How to get your products certified in the UK marketplace

0 Articles


All you need to know about electronic certification processes

0 Articles


All you need to know about machinery certification

0 Articles


All you need to know about construction products and certification

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Notified Body

For products with an increased safety risk, here’s what to expect when working with a NB.

5 Articles


Find out whether you can cluster products to lower costs and save time.

3 Articles


Know the importer’s responsibilities for ensuring product safety.

4 Articles


Find out which standards are applicable to your product.

5 Articles


A detailed look into European product Directives.

5 Articles


Here’s how customs can play a role when exporting/importing.

5 Articles

Technical File

Find out which required documents must accompany your product.

5 Articles

Labeling & Packaging

Logos, symbols, statements, markings and more. Check out what applies to your product.

5 Articles

UL/CSA North America

How to meet electrical safety standards in the United States and Canada.

5 Articles


Launch your product in China with a CCC certificate.

4 Articles

CFDA Registration

Get CFDA approval through our office in Shenyang.

2 Articles


Determine whether you can affix the CE marking yourself.

7 Articles


Learn the ins and outs of CE marking through a unique training.

3 Articles


How and when to test your products to demonstrate conformity.

4 Articles


Certain modifications to your product will require recertification.

4 Articles

Medical Devices

How to test, certify, and export MDs for different markets.

1 Articles

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