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As of Brexit, it is no longer valid for manufacturers to be represented by a European Authorised Representative if they want to sell their product on the UK market. By becoming your UK Authorised Representative, UKCA Experts, which is situated in the UK and part of Certification Experts, will represent you on the UK market. We can be named on your packaging within 24 hours upon receiving a signed agreement. With over 25 years of experience, our team of 15+ experts will help you to obtain access to the UK market.

UK Authorised Representative

A UK Authorised Representative (UK AR) can be of service for manufacturers based outside of the UK who want to sell their product on the UK market. A UK AR acts on behalf of the manufacturer and ensures that the products being sold on the UK market comply with the UK product compliance legislations. This concerns products that are sold either directly, via e-commerce (online), or through a fulfilment service provider.  

Challenges a UK Authorised Representative can solve for you

It might be difficult to find a suitable UK AR with a registered business in the UK. The responsibilities of manufacturers that are based within the UK are straightforward, but for manufacturers based outside of the UK who sell on the UK market, it can be difficult to know which economic operator within their supply chain is responsible for what. These responsibilities include: verifying the UKCA marking, ensuring the availability of technical documentation for national surveillance authorities, handling requests from said authorities, and cooperating with them.

How Certification Experts can help

UKCA Authorised Representative Experts, part of Certification Experts, is registered in the UK and can therefore act as your UK AR. The manufacturer will outsource specific tasks to the UK AR, meaning that they take over some of the manufacturer’s responsibilities too. The aforementioned challenges will no longer be of concern to the manufacturer: the UK AR will review the UKCA marking, ensure the availability of technical documentation for national surveillance authorities, handle requests from said authorities and cooperate with them, and more.

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UK Authorised Representative

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What is a UKCA Authorised Representative?

A UK AR is a legal party based within the UK that acts as a liaison between a manufacturer outside of the UK and competent national authorities within the UK. The UK AR takes on some of the manufacturer responsibilities, and makes sure that the products being sold on the UK market comply with the relevant national compliance legislations. An AR verifies that your product is legally allowed to bear the UKCA mark by checking the technical file of a product. A competent UK AR will additionally be able to answer all questions authorities can have and will advise you (the manufacturer) accordingly. The same function exists for the EU market which you might be familiar with; such a party is called an EU Authorised Representative (EU AR).

Who needs an Authorised Representative UK?

As already stated, UK AR services are for manufacturers based outside of the UK who want to sell their product on the UK market. However, it must be said that having an UK Authorised Representative UK is only mandatory for manufacturers of Medical Devices. For manufacturers who want to trade other product groups on the UK market the manufactures are not obliged, but may appoint an Authorised Representative UK.

A few product groups are not within our AR scope of expertise, among which: food, medicines, cosmetics, and chemicals. These products are subjected to different rules, which are not explained here. These products are not currently included in our Authorised Representative services.

Why should you use an Authorised Representative UKCA?

Having a UK Authorised Representative allows you as a manufacturer to outsource a part of your responsibilities. The Authorised Representative UKCA will act as a liaison between you and the national competent authorities to ensure a legal and safe trade of your products. Tasks that can be assigned to your UK AR include, but are not limited to:

  • Reviewing of the UKCA marking
  • Ensuring the availability of technical documentation, among which the UK Declaration of Conformity, for national surveillance authorities
  • Informing authorities when there is reason to believe that a product presents a risk and cooperate with these authorities to eliminate said risk
  • Notifying the client of any duly reasoned request made by a competent authority with regards to the conformity of products

Certification Experts will act as a reliable point of contact as your UK Authorised Representative, whether you are selling through e-commerce platforms, through a webshop, or in a different manner. We can assure swift market access with our quick technical file reviews, or provide extensive checks. If applicable, you can use an UK Authorised representative symbol.Our experts tailor our services to your needs.

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What are the advantages of having an Authorised Representative?

Appointing a UK AR prevents importers to have access to all of the manufacturer’s technical files, which includes documentation such as:

  • Specifications
  • UKCA test reports
  • Instructions for use
  • Design documents
  • UK Declaration of Conformity

Furthermore, it is preferable to choose an AR that is not economically or commercially involved with products. Considering the AR’s duties to verify the UK Declaration of Conformity and liaise between the manufacturer and market authorities, it is also crucial to find an AR that has expertise in compliance. This will prevent legal complications and ensure that you, as the manufacturer, will only be notified of compliance matters that affect your product directly. With our experience, our UKCA Experts will live up to all of these requirements and can become your AR within 24 hours upon receiving a signed agreement.

What is the procedure for UKCA Experts to become your UK AR?

Once you have decided that you are in need of our Authorised Representative services, we will start with the most important part of the process: retrieving the required technical documentation. This will allow us to start with the technical file review so that we can possibly provide you with the AR agreements. After signing the AR agreement, you will receive an AR certificate within 24 hours in which we officially declare ourselves your Authorised Representative and after which you can use UKCA experts details on your packaging and documentation.

It is good to know that once the mandate has been signed, the tasks that it claims are officially assigned to the AR, not only can but should be carried out by the AR from that moment forward. The manufacturer has outsourced that part of their responsibility and should no longer execute these tasks themselves.

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Bondtech Corporation

Elsa Brown President
For more than 15 years, Bondtech has had the pleasure of being partnered with Certification Experts for CE marking for Europe and the UKCA for the UK. Their professionalism, rapid responses, and attention to detail impressed us. Their tailored guidance and meticulous review of our specifications ensured compliance with CE directives. In addition to conducting the conformity assessment process for us, they also act as our Authorised Representative. We recommend Certification Experts for their expertise and personalized service, which not only secured our certifications but also provided invaluable support.

Alfa Wassermann

Kurt Spiegel Vice President of Engineering
Certification Experts has been our partner for over 10 years and the relationship is outstanding. They’ve completed CE Marking, UKCA Marking, and act as our Authorized Representative. The face-to-face meetings are really important and save us a lot of time!

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