About Certification Experts

Certification Experts is part of Kader Group, and falls within the Business Unit Consultancy & Interim, Product Compliance. As a part of Kader Group, we aid our clients in making a positive impact on the quality of the living environment.

Moving innovation forward

What we aim for

Since 1995, Certification Experts has helped businesses expand into new markets while ensuring the safety of their customers’ products.

We offer tailored expertise and compliance services across the entire product safety spectrum. From CE marking to UL listing and beyond, we empower product designers, manufacturers, exporters, importers and distributors to access their target markets.

Our expertise is founded on a combination of technical and legal knowledge. We apply this to product safety, product design, quality assurance, technical documentation and use of test facilities.

We believe safer products are better products, advancing and improving our interactions with everything around us.

Here to help your business achieve success, not just compliance

What we stand for

We’re on a mission to help businesses overcome the challenges of product compliance and expand into new markets.

In an industry that can often be slow and complex for companies seeking help and understanding, we aim to stand out with faster, more efficient procedures, close collaboration through long-term partnerships, and customer focussed service.

Our team of dedicated compliance experts is here to help you navigate complex compliance issues, save time on your go-to-market process, and ultimately, increase the quality and value of your products.

Making a difference worldwide

What we have achieved

Certification Experts has been at the forefront of product compliance for more than a quarter of a century. Founded in 1995, the company has developed considerably, yet our values remain unchanged.

From the outset our aim has been to help our clients’ businesses access international markets, building bridges across borders and reaching new customers.

Today we operate globally from our offices in the Netherlands, Germany, the US, UK, China, and Thailand. We’re proud partners of some of the most innovative industry leaders, exciting SMEs, and forward-thinking startups.

Certification Experts as part of Kader Group

Empowering Quality and Sustainability

Since December 2021, Certification Experts has become an integral part of the Kader Group, expanding our capabilities.

The Kader Group focuses on improving the quality, safety, and sustainability of organizations, allowing them to better care for people, the environment, and society. We achieve this through our consultancy, digital solutions, and educational programs covering quality, safety, health, information security, and environmental sustainability.

This alignment empowers Certification Experts to provide an extended spectrum of services. By merging our strengths, we are now able to deliver holistic solutions that cover a broader range of services, addressing the diverse needs of various industries and markets. This collaborative approach ensures that our clients benefit from an elevated level of support.

Full-service product compliance

Leave it to us.

ISO27001 & ISO9001 – Trusted by 300+ Clients.

Our Entities

Certification Experts comprises multiple entities:

  • Certification Experts B.V. – Product Compliance
  • AR Experts B.V. and UKCA Expert LTD – Authorised Representation
  • Certification Experts China – For any inquiries related to China.

If your required services do not fall within the scope of any of these entities, Kader Group’s other labels may be able to provide assistance:

  • BM Grip
  • Smile
  • Nedcon
  • DON Bureau
  • Raatwerk
  • AAB
  • SmartMansys
  • Etop
Trade Register

Chamber of Commerce numbers

Certification Experts and Kader Group can be found in the trade register under these Chamber of Commerce numbers:

  • Certification Experts B.V.: 53305159
  • AR Experts B.V.: 80227872
  • Kader Group B.V.: 06073298
  • Kader Consultancy & Interim B.V.: 85210986
  • Kader Academy B.V.: 85210994
  • Kader Digital B.V.: 20110214

The company number of our office in the United Kingdom:

  • UKCA Experts: 13041246

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ISO27001 & ISO9001 – Trusted by 300+ Clients.