Fette Compacting

Case Study: Fette Compacting

International market leader in the pharmaceutical industry

Fette Compacting, headquartered in Schwarzenbek near Hamburg, holds a dominant position as the global leader in the pharmaceutical industry’s tablet press sector, with over 5,000 machines successfully installed worldwide. In addition to their main facility, they operate a second production site in Nanjing, China. Fette Compacting is a proud member of Excellence United, a strategic alliance dedicated to the development of specialized machinery for the pharmaceutical industry.

What Does Certification Experts do for Fette Compacting?

The international market leader of tablet presses in the pharmaceutical industry, Fette Compacting, reached out to Certification Experts. They were in the engineering phase of a new machine and needed help constructing the technical file and executing the risk assessment in Safexpert (a risk-analysis tool).

We assisted, trained and guided Fette Compacting all throughout this project so they could execute all the required steps in Safexpert.

What does Fette Compacting say about Certification Experts?

The team at Certification Experts ensured a new way forward for the Fette Compacting team, wherein they ensured a higher level of safety for our operators.

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