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Obtain your CE Marking successfully

Certification Experts is your full-service compliance partner and guides you through the complete CE marking process to obtain the Declaration of Conformity. With over 25 years of experience, our team will help you to obtain access to the European market.

CE Marking

The CE mark indicates that your product is in compliance with the European product legislation. It is mandatory for all manufacturers whose products fall within the applicable CE directives and regulations to get CE certification before they can access the European market. If an importer markets the product under its own name, it will be seen as the legal manufacturer and bear the same responsibility as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and must apply the CE marking itself.

Challenges of CE certification

Obtaining CE marking can be a lengthy and complicated process. Herein, time and knowledge of regulations must be taken into account during the process as well as the applicable testing facilities that are required to complete this CE certification.

Guidance from start to finish

Our CE mark consultants will guide you through all processes and perform testing in order for your products to be able to obtain CE marking. As your full-service compliance partner, we will ease this lengthy and complicated process of obtaining the CE mark.

Let our dedicated team of experts handle the CE marking process for your products

CE marking meaning

CE stands for the French abbreviation of Conformité Européenne (European Conformity). By affixing the CE marking to a product, a manufacturer declares that the product meets all the legal, safety, health and environmental protection requirements for CE marking and can be sold throughout the European Economic Area (EEA).

Who needs CE marking?

It is mandatory for all manufacturers whose products fall within the applicable CE marking directives and CE marking regulations to get CE certification before they can access the European market. If an importer markets the product under its own name, it assumes the responsibilities of the manufacturer, and must apply the CE marking itself.  

CE marking is mandatory for manufacturers in the following product groups:

  • Machinery (MD)
  • Medical devices (MDR)
  • Radio equipment (RED)
  • Low voltage (LVD)
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Pressure equipment (PED)
  • Toy Safety (TSD)
  • Construction products (CPR)
  • Restriction of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS)
  • Measuring instruments
  • Active implantable medical devices
  • Appliances burning gaseous fuels
  • Cableway installations designed to carry persons
  • Ecodesign of energy related products
  • Equipment and protective systems intended for use potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX)
  • Explosives for civil uses
  • Hot water boilers
  • In vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVDR)
  • Lifts
  • Noise emission in the environment
  • Non-automatic weighing instruments
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Recreational Craft
  • Simple pressure vessels

How to get CE certification?

The process of the CE certification procedure is dependent on the product group. Generally, manufacturers can perform self certification. This entails compiling a technical file, performing a risk assessment, testing, ensuring correct information and warnings, including CE label and compiling the Declaration of Conformity. However, a third-party, such as Certification Experts, is often chosen by the manufacturer as this process is often time consuming, requires a specific know-how and test facilities that they do not always have. Certification Experts specialises in CE marking for the following products that normally do not need an accredited third-party:

  • Electric and electronical equipment (EMC, LV, RED, RoHS)
  • Machinery
  • Toys

When you want to bring a high risk product onto the market, you need to execute a conformity assessment procedure with an accredited third-party. Certification Experts specialises in CE marking for the following products that need an accredited third-party to bring them onto the market:

  • Medical devices
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Construction products 
  • Measuring instruments
  • Pressure equipment

If you are located outside of the EU, and you want to bring your product onto the European market, you may need an Authorised Representative to act as a liaison between you and the competent national authorities. AR Experts (part of Certification Experts) can act as your Authorised Representative.

Declaration of Conformity

An EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC) is a mandatory document that you as a manufacturer or your Authorised Representative need to sign to declare that your products comply with the EU requirements. By signing the DoC you take full responsibility for your product’s compliance with the applicable EU law. There is a common misconception that a CE certificate and a DoC are the same. A DoC confirms that the products of a manufacturer are in compliance with the European legislation. The CE certificate is given by an accredited party and is only mandatory for products which have to go through a conformity assessment procedure that is assessed by this party. 


What is a Declaration of Conformity?


How can I verify whether the Declaration of Conformity is real?


What is the difference between USA compliance and CE?

Certification Experts
offers the following services

Click on the service blocks below to see what our experts can do to help you obtain the CE mark for your products.

Authorized Representative
Technical File
Testing and
Route to compliance
Risk Assessment
User Information

Get CE Marking for your products with our proven process

01 - Identify

the legal framework for your products

02 – Determine

the route to compliance

03 – Execute

the conformity assessment procedure

04 – CE Mark

can be affixed and the DoC signed

05 – Ship

your product worry-free to the EU market

01 – Identify
the legal framework for your products
02 – Determine
the route to compliance
03 – Perform
the conformity assessment procedure
04 – CE Mark
can be affixed and the DoC signed
05 – Ship
your product worry-free to the EU market

What our clients are saying about us

Van Heek Medical
Wilma Peereboom
Quality Coordinator
The cooperation with CE goes satisfactorily. They were decisive from the start and things were well taken care of. I see the problem-solving capacity of Certification Experts as a strength of the company’.
6 weeks
Peter Drent
Personally I am very satisfied with the service and quality of the work of Certification Experts. With future projects, I certainly intend to work with them again.
3 weeks
Gallery Play Media
Ruben Kieftenbelt
Founder & CTO
The test results during the certification project were comprehensive and detailed. We experienced this as a pleasant and valuable result. In addition, Certification Experts swiftly came up with solutions for obstacles we encountered during the certification process.
4 weeks
Adtrack Media
Paul East
We have found Certification Experts to be helpful, knowledgeable and prompt even during the difficult environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We look forward to working with Certification Experts on future projects.
4 weeks
Joachim Hofmann
GM Service & Support
We found the collaboration with the CE Team very helpful, professional, fast and flexible. It is always good to have a partner at hand who can help with profound expertise whenever required. In the future, CE will stay our choice if expert-know-how is needed.
4 weeks
Wai-Man Tang
Quality Assurance Manager
We have a wonderful experience working with Certification Experts. We are a scale-up doing product developments under a very tight timeline. Certification Experts will adjust to our needs and guides us step by step to complete our product certifications in time.
3 weeks
Lars van ‘t Kruijs
Managing Director
The team of Certification Experts consists of nice people, it was a good cooperation! For me it was important how they made everything clear and how they thought along the same lines.
3 weeks
Alfa Wasserman
Kurt Spiegel
Engineer Manager
CE has been our partner for over 10 years and the relationship is outstanding. The face-to-face meetings are really important and save us a lot of time.
6 weeks
Dot Robot
Edward Belderbos
Technical Director
It was a pleasure to work with Certification Experts. After reviewing our documentation, they gave us structured feedback and showed us a way forward to compliance with EU directives
3 weeks
Markus Solbach
Director Sales & Marketing
Certification Experts has a great service with high flexibility and really quick response time. We were impressed with their good technical understanding and detailed feedback to our complex test solution in a short timeframe.
4 weeks
North America
Government of Canada
Melanie Ter Meulen
Trade Commissioner
The collaboration with Certification Experts runs smoothly and they are a valuable partner for us. If Dutch companies require specific technical information about the Comprehensive Economic & Trade Agreement on free trade, Certification Experts is the first to call.
2 weeks

Expert insights

Full-service product compliance without the headaches.

Leave it to us.


Enter any market, no matter the marking or industry. From CE marking and UL to CCC, we offer complete certification guidance and expert services tailored to your unique situation.

  • Consultancy
  • Route to compliance
  • Testing
  • On-site inspections
  • Design Review
  • Technical File Review
  • Risk Assessment
  • Training
Authorised Representative

We provide Authorised Representation (AR) for businesses and e-commerce companies located outside the EU/UK – allowing access to those markets by registering us as your legal partner.

  • EU/UK market access
  • Verification of CE/UKCA
  • Marking
  • Contact point for authorities
  • Technical File
  • Bypass importers
  • Registration
Technical File

Every manufacturer requires a technical file to reach compliance. We support, compile and review these technical documents for you.

  • Declaration of Conformity
  • User Information (manual/labelling/packaging)
  • Risk Assessment
  • Technical schemes and drawings
  • Templates
Engineering Review

We review your designs and assist you through the prototype phase to ensure critical safety standards are met.

  • Design Review
  • Co-engineering
  • Consultancy
  • Risk Assessment
Testing and Inspection

Wherever you’re located, we offer a wide range of expert testing and inspection capabilities, both in house and via our global network of affiliated partners and testing laboratories.

  • EMC, Low Voltage, Radio, Medical, Toys, and PPE
  • On-site or digital inspections
  • Notified Bodies
  • Accredited testing laboratories
Route to compliance

We create a clear and practical compliance roadmap for you in any market. Get expert guidance on cost/time efficiency of certification for accessing multiple markets.

  • Determining product legislation
  • Set up test procedure (in-house/accredited testing)
  • Strategy on Global Market Access
  • Technical File Checklist
Risk Assessment

We help you eliminate risks more efficiently, protect your customers and your business. Unsure whether you’ve done something correctly? We can provide a full risk assessment evaluation.

  • Machine / Electronics / Toys / Medical / PPE / GPS
  • EN-ISO 12100
  • Safexpert Risk Assessment software (TÜV-certified)
  • Review of existing Risk Assessment
  • Templates
User Information Review

Make sure your manuals, labelling and packaging are fully compliant with your
chosen markets. From writing to reviewing materials, we’ve got you covered.

  • Checklists
  • Product labelling
  • Templates
  • Drafting Manuals
  • Machine plate

We offer custom training programs led by experts, bringing your team up to
speed with important safety processes and regulations related to your markets.

  • Product Compliance
  • CE Marking
  • Machine / Robotics Safety
  • UL/CSA
  • Safexpert
Expert Consulting

With over 25 years’ industry experience, our team can provide expert guidance
on every aspect of product compliance.

  • Product Compliance
  • Authority letter (NVWA, NoBo, ILT and BPT)
  • Authorised Representative
  • Product Testing
  • Seller/buyer problem resolution on CE marking
  • Advise on Product Legislation
  • User Information
  • Route to compliance
  • Engineering Review
  • Training
  • Risk Assessment
Information Supply

We notify you if there are regulatory changes pertaining to your product

Technical File

We ensure the availability of the technical file in case of requests from authorities

CE/UKCA Marking

Trust us as your partner to verify the compliance of your products

Authorised Representative

We register as your official point of contact for market surveillance authorities

EU/UK Market Access

You gain access to the EU/UK market, no matter where your business is located

Legal point of contact

We represent you on your behalf for all legal issues pertaining to your product