CE Certification

Obtaining the declaration of conformity

CE Marking confirms that your product complies with all relevant European Product Directives and Regulations. It is primarily concerned with health, product safety and environmental protection. It indicates that the product is allowed to be traded within the European Economic Area. CE Marking is a mandatory conformity marking by law. It signifies product safety and works as a defense against liability claims as a result of damage to a user of a product or its environment.

As an international organization we have over 25 years’ experience specializing in CE Certification, European Product Safety legislation and technical & legal regulatory compliance issues. Our expertise is based on a combination of practical and theoretical knowledge in Product Safety, Engineering, Quality Assurance, Technical Documentation and the use of test facilities. 

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CE Mark

The complete process

No matter what product, we can assure the certification for you. We are able to carry out the complete process or just elements in order to obtain the CE Mark.

Technical File

Assembly and review

The applicable documents will be reviewed from a technical and legal perspective. Our experts will check if all the necessary documents are available and correct. From technical drawings, packaging, to the instruction manual.


Prove compliance

Prove compliance with test reports based on the applicable harmonized standards. Our global network allows us to test every product, no matter where you are located in the world.

Authorized Representative

Legal support

Certification Experts has the authority to function as a European Representative in these tasks. Once we have determined that your product complies with the European safety requirements, we can take on the role of official representative.