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Since the new Regulation 2019/1020 came into effect, the consequences are mainly noticeable for merchants who sell through E-commerce platforms. The new EU regulation aims to strengthen supervision of the European internal market. Since July 16, 2021, E-commerce platforms require the presence of a European responsible party so that they do not have to assume responsibility. Our team of experts can ensure that you possess the right documents to continue selling on these platforms within Europe.


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As a seller via E-commerce platforms, you often deal with a Chinese supplier. Whereas previously the responsibilities regarding CE marking rested with these suppliers, they now fall on a European market participant. Because E-commerce platforms are also seen as European market participants, they almost always demand that another European market participant takes on these responsibilities. This could be an Importer or a private labeler whose name should appear on the packaging and/or Declaration.

‘Market participant’ is defined as:

  1. A manufacturer established in the Union (including private label).
  2. An importer when the manufacturer is not established in the Union.
  3. An Authorised Representative with a written mandate from the manufacturer designating the representative to perform the specified tasks on behalf of the manufacturer.
  4. A fulfillment service provider established in the Union with respect to the products handled by that service provider, when no other market participant as referred to under 1), 2), and 3) is established in the Union.

Challenges in online sales

Whereas previously as a reseller you could offer your products on various E-commerce platforms such as bol.com, Amazon, and AliExpress, you can no longer do so without an EU-established market participant. Although these platforms are fulfillment service providers established in the Union, they do not want to bear the associated responsibilities. This poses the following challenges:

  • Since E-commerce platforms require a European market participant to take on responsibilities, you must assume the role of importer or private labeler.
  • You must ensure that the technical documentation of the product demonstrates compliance with European legislation.
  • Additionally, the Declaration of Conformity/packaging must bear your own name.

As collaboration often occurs with Chinese suppliers, it’s challenging to get the technical documentation in order, therefore our experts can help you.

How Certification Experts can assist you

As an Importer or Private Labeler, you have an obligation to ensure that your product is safe and does not pose a risk to the consumer or end-user. You must be able to demonstrate this and therefore need access to the Manufacturer’s Technical Documentation. Based on the provided documentation, we can then offer the following services:

  • Determining the applicable Directive(s) and/or Regulation(s)
  • Determining the related (harmonised) standards
  • Verification of available documentation
  • Assessment of whether the available documentation demonstrates that the product complies with the applicable requirements
  • Drafting findings
  • Providing advice and recommendations
  • Contacting the Chinese Supplier once
  • Drafting template of Declaration of Conformity

Certification Experts also has experience in drafting a Private Label Contract between you and the Supplier to establish the responsibilities and obligations for both parties.

If any non-conformities are found during the entire process, we can also assist you. Together, we look for solutions and can draft necessary documents, perform tests, or contact the supplier, for example.

With E-commerce platforms such as Bol.com and Amazon, we have extensive experience and are capable of guiding and advising you from start to finish.

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Frequently asked questions

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E-commerce platforms like Amazon and bol.com typically verify the Declaration of Conformity through various means. They may request documentation from sellers to ensure that the products meet applicable regulations and standards. If any discrepancies or non-compliance issues are identified, the platform may take appropriate actions, such as removing the product listing or suspending the seller’s account.

A Declaration of Conformity is a document in which the manufacturer or importer declares that a product meets all the applicable requirements and standards of the relevant Regulations or Directives. It serves as a statement of assurance that the product complies with the necessary legal and technical requirements to be placed on the EU market.

E-commerce platforms like Amazon and bol.com request the Declaration of Conformity to ensure that the products sold on their platforms comply with relevant regulations and standards. This helps maintain the safety and quality of products offered to customers, thereby enhancing trust and credibility in the marketplace.


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Alfa Wassermann

Kurt Spiegel Vice President of Engineering
Certification Experts has been our partner for over 10 years and the relationship is outstanding. They’ve completed CE Marking, UKCA Marking, and act as our Authorized Representative. The face-to-face meetings are really important and save us a lot of time!


Peter Drent CEO
Personally, I am very satisfied with the service and quality of the work of Certification Experts. I certainly intend to work with them for future projects!

Bondtech Corporation

Elsa Brown President
For more than 15 years, Bondtech has had the pleasure of being partnered with Certification Experts for CE marking for Europe and the UKCA for the UK. Their professionalism, rapid responses, and attention to detail impressed us. Their tailored guidance and meticulous review of our specifications ensured compliance with CE directives. In addition to conducting the conformity assessment process for us, they also act as our Authorised Representative. We recommend Certification Experts for their expertise and personalized service, which not only secured our certifications but also provided invaluable support.

Trusted Amazon & Bol. partner

ISO27001 & ISO9001 – Trusted by 300+ Clients.