What costs can be expected for the CE-marking process?

The costs associated with the CE marking process can vary widely depending on several factors, including the type of product, its complexity, the applicable legislation (directives, regulations, standards), the required testing, number of applicable directives/regulations and the specific requirements for compliance.

Here are some of the key cost considerations for the CE marking process:

  • Consulting and Legal Fees: When you reach out to us for assistance with regulatory consultants or legal experts to ensure compliance, we offer our services either on a project-based or hourly rate basis. While there may be an additional consulting fee, this investment can ultimately save you both time and money, thanks to our expertise in efficiently handling CE marking processes.
  • Technical Documentation: Developing and maintaining comprehensive technical documentation that demonstrates compliance with relevant directives and regulations can be a significant cost. This documentation includes design specifications, risk assessments, test reports, and more.
  • Testing and Laboratory Fees: Expenses can be associated with product testing, including electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing, electrical safety testing, and similar evaluations. For many products, there is no mandatory requirement for accredited testing, and in-house testing can be conducted as an alternative. Opting for accredited testing laboratories tends to be a more costly option.
  • Product Modifications: If your product requires modifications to meet compliance standards, these modifications can incur additional costs, including redesign, retesting, and additional documentation.
  • Costs Associated with Re-assessment or Re-certification: In cases where products exhibit non-conformities, undergo changes, or face evolving regulatory requirements, re-assessment or re-certification may be necessary, resulting in associated costs.
  • Notified Body Fees: If you need the services of a notified body for conformity assessment, there will be associated fees. The notified body’s fees can vary depending on the complexity of the product.
  • Authorised Representative Fees (if relevant): If you are a manufacturer outside the EU/EEA, you might be required to designate an Authorised Representative within the EU/EEA, and this could entail fees for their services. AR Experts, a division of Certification Experts, can provide this service (including for the UK).
  • Language and Translation Costs: If you’re selling your product in multiple countries, you may need to invest in translations for labeling and documentation.
  • Market Surveillance and Compliance Monitoring: To ensure ongoing compliance, you may need to budget for market surveillance activities, including periodic checks and documentation maintenance.

It’s important to assess your specific product and situation to estimate the costs accurately. If you want to know more about how much it will cost to CE mark your product, contact us. We can give a price indication based on your product information within a short time frame.


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