Everything that you need to know about self-certifying a product

What is self-certification?

Self-certification is basically you, the manufacturer, assessing the conformity of your products yourself. 

The majority of the manufacturers may be unaware of this fact that most products don’t even require a third party for the process of certification in the European Union. Yes, you have read it right. For various products, the CE marking does not need the involvement of third party certification. 

The good news is that you can always find out if you can self-declare the compliance of the products according to the CE system. This brings us to the following question, which we have already answered, but let’s have a more in-depth look at it.

Can I self certify a product with CE certification?

The short answer is yes, you can in most cases. It’s always a better option for anyone to cut down the cost by removing the third party certification body. 

The long answer is that you are definitely required to learn about CE system and what kinds of standards and regulations are applicable for your particular product.  CE-marking by Self Certification can be performed after you know the following things-

  1. Are you permitted to carry out a self-assessment for the certification for that particular product?  
  2. Define the legal framework applicable for your product
  3. The kind of assessments required for your product
  4. How to actually perform the self-assessment?
  5. How much will the self-certification cost?

After you’re through with everything and have consolidated all the necessary documents into a Technical file, you are needed to draw up an EC declaration of conformity, which is then followed by the essential etching of the CE mark. 

Who is affixing the CE mark as referred to the applicable directive?

The manufacturer self, or for an EC-type examination, analysis of the application, and issue of the EC-type examination certificate, everything is examined by a Conformity assessment body (Notified body) in case required by the applicable directives and regulation.

What are the difficulties with self-certifying?

Majority of the importers, exporters, manufactures and producers are- 

  • Unaware of the rules of origin as they are not experienced in self-certifying products. 
  • Not adept in technical record keeping that makes the verification and audit process difficult for everyone involved. 
  • Unfamiliar with the language barrier they might have to face when it comes to site inspection or during inscribing instructions in regional languages. 
  • Not being able to decipher the technical languages in the forms.
  • Not aware that if the technical file doesn’t conform to the regulations for that specific product, they could get penalized.
  • Not well informed of the complexities one might have to face if the products that they want to place on the EU market aren’t properly engineered.
  • Not knowledgeable about the timeline of all the processes they have to oblige to in order to get CE marking. 

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What are the USPs that we bring to the table besides our benefits? 

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