The implementation of a Risk assessment in compliance with the new Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU in 2016.

The new Low Voltage Directive which comes into force in April 2016 includes some important changes manufactures and producers need to be aware of.

The Machinery Directive 2006/42 clearly states that it is a requirement  to compile a risk assessment to determine the risks involved for  product or installation and it must form part of the technical documentation. However in the past  this was not clearly indicated in many of CE-marking directives. For example the Low Voltage Directive presently  does not make any reference to risks assessments  which must be carried out on electrical equipment. However with the implementation of the new 2016 Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU, radical changes will be enforced and these changes will be to compile a risk assessment for the electrical equipment falling under the scope of the directive.

When the new Low Voltage Directive comes into force in April 2016, it will require manufactures to ensure that they have undertaken a analysis and assessment of the electrical risks associated with their product.

When Directives are modified and are re-enforced,   the technical documentation requirements of these new implemented  Directives are modified to ensure that  the New Legislative Framework of the text  will include the requirements for manufacturers ensuring  that they have undertaken an adequate analysis and assessment of the risks associated with their products.

CE Marking and Risk assessment

The new CE Marking Directives will largely involve practical and administrative changes, this will also include updating  the Declarations of Conformity.  The process of CE-marking an electrical product or installation will however be modified to include a risk assessment. The risk assessment must be compiled so that it meets the essential requirements out of the directive and applicable standard , it must identify the potential risks, possible unforseen risks and the solutions to eliminate or reduced the risks to a safe level.

Our Experts

Certification Experts supports manufacturers by performing a standardised  risk assessment for electrical products and installations in compliance with the essential requirements out of the applicable directives and standards in force.

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