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Published on: 22 October 2023


When planning to export a product to China, there are many regulations and administrative procedures to take into account. Besides China’s compulsory product certification (CCC), the China Quality Certification (CQC) mark is an important indicator that products sold on the Chinese market conform to quality, safety, environmental and performance standards.

The purpose of the CQC Mark is:

  • To protect consumers’ personal safety and property.
  • To improve the product quality of domestic enterprises.
  • To increase product competitiveness in the international market.
  • To simplify access of foreign enterprises’ products into the Chinese market.

The CQC Centre has extensive local knowledge and global expertise in quality certification to help you increase brand recognition, gain broader access to the Chinese market, reach more people, and increase market share. It is currently applied to over 500 kinds of products.

About the author
Rebecca Brust

Marketing & Sales Coördinator

CQC Products

Products that are eligible for the CQC certification mark include (but are not limited to):

  • Textiles, shoes and labor protection apparatus
  • ROHS
  • Paper products
  • Coatings and adhesives
  • Adjuvant and insecticide
  • Soap and cleaning products
  • Plastic and rubber products
  • Construction materials and decoration materials
  • Non-electrical heating equipment
  • Faucets valve and heat exchanger device
  • Pump and compressors
  • Air-conditioning applications and heat pump
  • Purify equipment for liquid and gas
  • Electric tools and accessories
  • General machinery and accessories
  • Electronical equipment
  • Environment pollution control equipment
  • Computer and information technology equipment
  • Audio, video and similar electronic apparatus
  • Motors, generating and accessories
About the author
Rebecca Brust

Marketing & Sales Coördinator

How can Certification Experts help?

Planning to export to China? Certification Experts has a complete set of services to help you gain the CQC mark and get your products on the Chinese market quickly and efficiently. We cover not only compliance issues, but also legal, licensing, and import- and export documentation. Learn more by talking to one of our experts today.

About the author
Rebecca Brust

Marketing & Sales Coördinator

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