Introducing CQC for Chinese certification

Product Certification Approval CE Mark

For many years Certification Experts has provided exporters to China a complete set of professional certification and compliance services. With offices in China and around the globe, our experts can help you navigate the complex procedures required for exporting to China, making your transactions easier and your trade more efficient.

Our comprehensive set of services covers not only compliance issues, but also legal, licensing, and import- and export documentation. Certification Experts works closely with China Quality Certification Centre (CQC) to ensure that products being exported to China are compliant with 3C/CCC or GB (Guobiao) standards.

Additionally to the Compulsory Product Certification, China Quality Certification Centre is engaged in Voluntary Product Certification service (called CQC Mark certification). The products are verified to conform to the requirements of the standards of quality, safety, environment and performance.The purpose of the CQC Mark is:

  • To protect consumers’ personal safety and property.
  • Improve the product quality of domestic enterprises.
  • Increase the product competitiveness in the international market.
  • To facilitate the easier access of foreign enterprises’ products into the Chinese market.

CQC’s deep local knowledge and global expertise in quality certification can help you increase your brand recognition, gain broader access to the Chinese market, help you reach more people, and increase market share. It is currently applied to over 500 kinds of products.

Products that eligible for the CQC certification mark are:

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