Can I, the manufacturer, draft-my own EC Declaration of Conformity?

Yes, as a manufacturer, you have the responsibility and the authority to draft your own Declaration of Conformity (DoC) for your products. The DoC can be drawn up when you have followed the applicable conformity assessment procedures and determined that your products comply with the relevant European Union (EU) directives, regulations and/or standards. The DoC is a crucial document in which you declare that your products are in compliance with EU regulations.

You will be seen as manufacturer, if you are the producer of a product, or if you sell the product under your own name ore trademark onto the EU market. As indicated, then you can draft the Declaration of Conformity yourself.

It’s important to note that while you can draft your own DoC, the process requires a thorough understanding of the applicable directives, regulations and standards. In some cases, especially for certain product categories or when involving notified bodies, additional expertise and third-party assessments may be necessary to ensure compliance. Since it is your responsibility to ensure that your product complies with all relevant legislation, we recommend that you seek legal advice if any ambiguities arise when drafting the Declaration of Conformity. Therefore, you can always contact us.


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