What is the difference between CE approval and CE marking for EU Directives?

Template Declaration of Conformity

CE marking is the visible symbol that a product complies with EU directives and/or regulations, while CE approval is not a recognised term but can refer to the activities and processes undertaken by manufacturers to achieve compliance and affix the CE mark.

Clients frequently inquire about our assistance with obtaining CE approval, but it’s important to note that the term ‘approval’ is not accurate. The CE mark is not an approval to market your product. Rather, it is a symbol affixed to your product labeling to indicate that the product does in fact meet the requirements of the applicable European directive(s) and/or regulation(s).

While we can not ‘approve’ your product for the market, our experts can help you obtain the CE mark quickly and efficiently. Our experts provide assistance throughout the entire CE marking process by, for example, identifying the applicable directives, regulations and standards, carrying out testing, compiling a technical file and drafting the declaration of conformity.

To ensure the correct application of the CE mark and compliance with the product’s specific EU directives and regulations, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding and adherence to the requirements in place. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any guidance or assistance you might need in this regard.


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