CE marking refurbished or modified machinery

CE markingmachineryre-certification

Compliance Expert Soufyan Lamdini explains

CE marking refurbished or modified machinery

Refurbished or modified machinery could be subject to re-evaluation of the CE marking and its certification. The extent of the changes made to the original machinery, together with its provenance, can result in several situations. For example:

– Re-certification
– New obligations
– Updating the EC Declaration of Conformity

In cases where the product is substantially rebuilt, it could be considered as new machinery and thus be subject to the conformity assessment and CE marking requirements of the Machinery Directive. Originally compliant and CE marked machinery that is refurbished and or where parts are replaced with new similar versions do not require recertification. However, changing to a substantially different safety strategy may also require re-assessment and compliance with the Machinery Directive. 

To give an example: The substitution of fixed fencing and interlocked doors with new laser scanning safety systems requiring additional associated control units, will probably require re-compliance with the Machinery Directive before the machinery is placed on the market or put back into service.

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