How big should the CE logo be?

Compliance Expert Soufyan Lamdini explains

How big should the CE logo be?

The European Union requires the CE mark to be visible, legible and indelible. To ensure readability, the CE marking must be no smaller than 5mm (unless otherwise specified in relevant Directives or product requirements). It must consist of the initials “CE” and have the dimensions indicated below:

If the CE marking is enlarged or reduced, the proportions indicated above must remain unchanged. When it is not possible to affix the CE mark to the product itself, the CE marking must be affixed on the product packaging or the official accompanying documents. 

If you have questions about applying the CE marking to your product, contact us. We can help identify the applicable Directive(s) and determine the best option for affixing the CE marking logo to your product, packaging, and/or documentation.

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Was this answer helpful?

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