What are the benefits of Self certification?

Compliance Expert Soufyan Lamdini explains

For low risk products a manufacturer can carry out a CE Self Certification for there product and affix the CE-marking. This can be based on the informaiton in a technical file including all relevant documentation and production processes proving all the correct procedures have been followed, and that the product concerned is in compliance with the essential requirements of the directives in force.

CE Self certification broadens the scope of the manufacturer ensuring in-depth knowledge regarding the procedures required for CE-marking certifying there product, and further with development of future products. With in house self certification no third party is required and based on the proven procedures developed by Certification Experts it is efficient and cost effective.

The benefits of CE Self Certification are important, particularly for manufacturers that they are updated and keep track on the latest developments in European product legislation.

If, based on your Technical File, you are able to demonstrate that the product complies with the essential requirements of the applicable directive (s) and all the necessary information, you as a manufacturer, can affix the CE-marking on your products. And as a result free movement of goods in EEA.

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Was this answer helpful?

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