What is AR Experts?

AR Experts is our entity/team specialised in Authorised Representation. Powered by Certification Experts, AR Experts has over 25 years of experience acting as an Authorised Representative (AR) to an international customer base. With an in-depth knowledge of the technical and legal aspects as an AR, we are a reliable point of contact for market surveillance authorities and potential product controls.


Authorised Representative

An Authorised Representative (AR) is an individual or legal entity operating within the EU/UK market who has been granted a written mandate by a manufacturer to perform certain duties on the manufacturer’s behalf in accordance with the applicable legislation.

The main role of the Authorised Representative is to facilitate communication between a non-EU/UK manufacturer and the relevant national authorities in the EU/UK.

In the context of Medical Devices, the European Union designates this role as an “EC Representative (EC Rep),” while in the United Kingdom, it is referred to as a “UK Responsible Person (UKRP).”

AR Experts Team

Our AR Experts Team can act as your EU Authorised Representative, UK Authorised Representative, EC Rep and/or UKRP. If you need us to be your representative or need more information, please feel free to contact us.


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