What should be on the Declaration of Conformity?

The specific information to be included in the Declaration of Conformity (DoC) can vary depending on the EU directives and regulations that apply to the product. These directives and regulations outline the essential requirements for the DoC and specify the information that must be provided.

General information on the DoC

The Declaration of Conformity typically should contain the following elements:

  • Name and full address of the manufacturer and, if applicable, their Authorised Representative or name and address of the party authorised to compile the Technical File
  • Product identification (name, function, model, type, serial number, commercial name and all relevant additional information)
  • The applied directive(s), regulation(s), (harmonised) standards and/or applied technical standards and specifications
  • A statement confirming that the product conforms to the essential requirements of the relevant EU directives, regulations, and standards.
  • If a Notified Body was involved, the name, address and identification number of the Notified Body
  • Name and signature of the manufacturer or Authorised Representative, indicating responsibility for the product’s compliance
  • Date of issue
  • Some directives and regulations may have additional requirements or specific information that must be included in the DoC. Manufacturers must adhere to these specific requirements.

Templates DoC’s

It’s essential for manufacturers to thoroughly review the relevant directives and regulations specific to their product category to ensure that their Declaration of Conformity complies with the specified requirements. These documents serve as legal declarations of a product’s compliance with EU regulations and are a crucial part of the CE marking process. Our experts are available to create customised templates for your DoC to ensure that all the necessary and correct information is included. If you require this service, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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