How long is a Declaration of Conformity valid?

Compliance Expert Soufyan Lamdini explains

How long is a Declaration of Conformity valid?

After you have determined that your product meets all essential safety requirements, signed the Declaration of Conformity and affixed the CE marking to your product, the EC Declaration of Conformity is valid for an indefinite amount of time. It remains valid for the product so long as no major product changes are made, for example:

– Change of original operation
– Change of original intended use
– Change of type
– Use of other components
– Use of new suppliers

In such cases, your product is considered a new product and a re-evaluation certification process must take place (possibly on the basis of the previous certification). A proposal for a new EC Declaration of Conformity, in accordance with new guidelines and/or standards, should then be developed. The EC Declaration of Conformity must be kept at least ten years after the last date of manufacture of the product, unless the directive expressly indicates another term.

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