If the product has already been CSA approved, does this also apply in Europe?

Having a CSA (Canadian Standards Association) approval is applicable, drawn up and enforced in Canada. This means that a CSA approval or other approval markings specifically drawn up for the Canadian product market do not apply to the European market. Even though such approval markings are based on safety assessments does not mean that this assessment also proofs compliance with the legislative requirements of the European Union. Which also, means that CE marking may not be affixed based on an approval marking for the Canadian market, such as CSA approval marking. The CE marking is specific to the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) and signifies compliance with EU legislation such as regulations, and/or directives  and standards. The CSA Marking does not replace the CE Marking. Only CE marked products have free entrance into the entire market within the EU and EEA.

Selling products in Canada and the EU

If you want to sell a product in both the European market and the Canadian market, you generally need to meet the regulatory requirements of both regions separately, which may involve obtaining CE marking for the EU market and CSA or other approvals which apply for the Canadian market. It’s essential to ensure that your product complies with the specific regulations of each region where it will be sold. Also, it essential to be aware that CSA marking is given once approved, evaluated and certified by CSA (Canadian Standards Association), as the marking will bear their name and their approval marking. Other approvals to proof compliance with Canadian legislative requirements can be acquired. However, an approval marking may only be give by the parties that are recognized by Authorities Having Jurisdiction to carry out these procedures. These recognized parties are know as: NRTL’s (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories). Our experts are here to assist you in achieving CE marking and EU compliance as well as approval for the Canadian market. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for guidance and support.


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